living with intention, parenting

Parenting with Intention

Parenting with intention takes regular thought and practice. Increasing awareness, listening to our thoughts and emotions which drives our behavior choices takes effort. Without a will to listen to ourselves we simply become reactive when responding to our children. It is empowering to choose something different and maybe even create something you intended. Starting with small moments is meaningful and can lead to much more.

All of us have different intentions each day. However, none of us wake up and decide we want to have a mediocre day. Most of us wake up with some initial anxiety about what the day may bring but hopefully after indulging in a bit of anxious thinking, we switch the gear and move toward intentional thoughts such as, I want to spend more fun time with my child, or I want to take a walk after dinner with my family. These are all great intentions most would agree. So what derails us can be a variety of factors such as our jobs, fatigue, chronic pain, etc. This is the moment we get to choose differently despite everything else going on. Yes, some things are out of our control, and too often we focus on what we cannot do for a variety of reasons. But what if today we decide to focus on what we can do? We choose to make something different happen such as eating dinner picnic style on the floor in the living room or a tent fort. The art of choosing something different can be powerful even with small shifts. The benefits can include a positive change in mood, decreased tension and some great laughter built in the day.

I love the idea of creating a moment. I choose to celebrate the positive moments in my life and build in more as that is my intention.

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