Living in the here and now, living with intention, parenting

Fresh Eyes

It is Friday and the Fourth of July is right around the corner. Most of us hope to enjoy time with family and friends. These upcoming days offer some wonderful opportunities to live in the here and now, even if only for a couple hours. Commit to looking at others with ‘fresh eyes’, including your kiddos. Put aside automatic beliefs and thoughts. Let anger, worries and fears go for now and appreciate the positive moments you have been given with each other. Give yourself permission to release negative thoughts and practice seeing others as if meeting for the first time. See the unique qualities of others. You will be amazed at what you see and feel. It is one of our challenges as humans to be in the moment and to put aside negative, non-productive thoughts. However, if we choose to commit to  moments, such as taking a walk or sharing a meal with ‘fresh eyes’, you will open yourself up to different ways of thinking and relating to others. You get to choose.

So, give it a try! We all want to feel lighter and experience more joy in the moment. This takes practice. The more times you practice this skill the easier it will become. Good luck catching some great moments.

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