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Give, Take, Savor and Remember


This Thanksgiving I want to live with intention. For me, that means I will take more time to listen and support others. Whether it is listening to my kiddos, parents or siblings, I will work to actively hear what is being shared as well as be generous with my love and support. Moving beyond the superficial check-ins with families takes energy. I will be ready which means I will have engaged in some good self-care during the days leading up to the holiday. I will prioritize the necessary tasks and let go of others so I will be more present in the moment.

I will take with abandon. Permission granted to take it all in including the sights, sounds and wonderful smells of Thanksgiving. I will savor the decorations made by children, embrace the colors of fall, and fill up with wonderful foods and sweet treats. I will take in hugs, kisses, children’s laughter, and even some tired tears as the day turns to night.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy will be savored. I will be mindful of my food choices and delight in them. I will be kind to myself when I inevitably overeat. I will not apologize or allow any self-recrimination. If those thoughts pop into my head, I will gently but firmly push them aside and reframe my thoughts to think about the positive moments of the day. I will not take this day for granted.

I will work to take snapshots of the best moments of my day and remember the sights, sounds and my feelings in that moment. My Thanksgiving will not be perfect. Life is messy and unpredictable even with great planning. But through the messiness of the day, I will seek the handful of joy giving moments. I will laugh easily and share in the good energy we create when we choose to do so. I will also allow myself time to recall the memories I created with those not with me this year.

While every year is different for a multitude of reasons and circumstances, I hope you can make your Thanksgiving what you choose it to be this year.

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